19 February 2018

Drama production heads to the humid air of sixteenth-century Peru

Rehearsal of Royal Hunt of the Sun

Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd March 2018
Boyd Campbell Hall, John Lyon School
Tickets £5 (£3)
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In the rich, humid air of sixteenth-century Peru, Atahuallpa, the Sun-God King, meets Pizarro the Conquistador, representative of the Spanish Empire at its most insatiable.

While the Inca King of convinced of his own immortality, the Spaniard is cynical and greedy, leading to a collision of power and authority.

Soon both men are locked in a struggle for survival: one of them must die, and the survivor must face mortality and the terrible truth of the world he lives in.

This term’s drama production is The Royal Hunt Of The Sun by Peter Shaffer, directed by John Lyon Drama Teacher, Leon Felgate.