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Home Learning Resources

This page is designed for both pupils and parents, and contains information, links and downloads that can be of use for pupils while studying at home.

The information here should be of use to pupils from any school.

Ensuring children are getting breaks from the screen and are able to interact with others as far as possible is vital.

The BBC has recently produced advice to help workers who are now working remotely and it includes some useful pieces of advice.

Brainscape, an online education specialist, also has suggested some top tips for this period of remote working.

While your children will be spending an increased amount of time online it is a good time for a reminder of some online safety tips to ensure they stay safe online.

The Government, via its recommends five sites to help parents know more about online safety:

Childline remains an authority on child safety and its website outlines risks, and gives tips to stay safe online, as well as a list of ten ‘tips to cope during lockdown’.

The NSPCC has very good resources to advise and support parents and carers at the current time.

National Online Safety has many resources, designed to give parents and pupils the knowledge they need to understand online dangers.

Think U Know, from the National Crime Agency, has new home activity packs to help children.

SWGfL has good cyber security advice for all online users, to help beat email, website and online shopping scams.

During the period of remote schooling, please be assured the School will continue to follow its online safety policy. Pupils will also need to be mindful to follow the rules of the ICT Acceptable Use Policy, which all pupils read and signed at the beginning of the academic year.

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families runs Schools in Mind, a free network for school staff and allied professionals which shares practical, academic and clinical expertise regarding the wellbeing and mental health issues that affect schools.

Mental Health Europe is reminding people remind that taking care of mental health is as important as looking after physical health, especially at times of high uncertainty.

JWPblog is an established blog written by John Lyon Teacher of English Mr Jonathan Peel, who shares articles and resources on all aspects of English teaching across the curriculum.

Despite its name, Physics and Maths Tutor has good revision and past paper resources for English Literature and English Language.

All children’s’ and youth audio books on Audible have now been made free to access.

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart is reading a Shakespeare sonnet each day, on his Twitter channel.

JSTOR offers more than 12 million academic journal articles, books and other primary sources, across all curriculum areas. Aimed at Year 10 and above.

Google Scholar is a more precise search engine, for educational and academic content than Google etc., which retrieve resources regardless of where they come from.

The Library Catalogue, Reading Cloud, provides access to the Library catalogue and includes websites, which have been chosen for educational quality and content.

VLebooks is John Lyon’s eBooks catalogue and can be read online, or digital copies of the books can be downloaded to a PC or Mac and font size and background colour can be changed to suit.

The Carnegie Prize shortlist reveals the books contending for the highest honour in youth fiction.

Award-winning children’s  author, Sarah Crossan is offering poetry challenges daily at noon on her Instagram channel.

The Literacy Trust offers free literacy resources, including GCSE English Literature revision cards.

Book Trust helps young people delve into reading for pleasure, with search function by age range and genre.

The World of David Walliams offers fun learning activities featuring the characters in Walliams’ extremely popular books.

The Roald Dahl website gives an insight into the magical world of Dahl and his characters.

Google Books gives free access to a wide range of non-fiction books, many of which are available to red in full.

Project Gutenberg provides access to over 60,000 eBooks of texts, which are out of copyright at:

The public libraries of Brent, Ealing, Harrow and Hillingdon allow free online access to a wide range of online resources, including eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, comics and newspapers. You need to register online for a temporary membership, which will be transferred to a full membership, once the Libraries are open again. Resources include:
BorrowBox, over 11,000 eBooks and audio books
Encyclopedia Britannica, access to children’s, teenagers’ and adult versions
OverDrive, over 30,000 eBooks and audio books for all age groups
PressReader, today’s newspapers and magazines
RBDigital, eBooks, audio books, comics and over 130 magazines, ranging from Hello to New Scientist



My GCSE Science has tutorial videos, examples of questions and solutions as well as guidance for revision and summary notes for Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Some videos are free of charge, access to all resources carries a subscription. Particularly good for Year 10 and Year 11.

Physics and Maths Tutor has a detailed bank of revision courses, past exam questions with solutions and other useful resources. Good for GCSE and A-Level.

PhET Interactive Simulations, from the University of Colorado Boulder, is a free website showing fantastic Physics simulations, such as electricity, forces, nuclear fission and other fascinating Physics concepts.

STEM Learning offers free resources for home learning, in-school and family activities related to STEM areas.

The NASA Kids’ club is place for children to play and learn about NASA and its missions.

IGCSE Biology 2017 is a blog with basic information organised by specification point related to IGCSE Biology.

S-cool is a revision website, with Biology organised by topic.

IntoBiology, which is aimed at A-Level students and beyond, is a great website designed to support and inspire students with a love for Biology, providing interesting news reports, career guidance, and study skills support. There are a variety of interesting videos and academic articles accompanied by practical advice on how to go about EPQ projects and other biologically-related investigations.

Maths Genie has resources including tutorial videos, examples of questions and their solutions. Excellent for both GCSE and A-Level and free of charge.

Hegarty Maths is online software used to improve maths skills. Includes video tutorials and tests which are marked.

Physics and Maths Tutor has a detailed bank of revision courses, past exam questions with solutions and other useful resources. Good for GCSE and A-Level.

ExamSolutions offers Maths revision tutorials, papers and solutions

Spartacus Educational is a useful website to accurately research key people and events.

Mr Budd History offers bespoke resources for the IGCSE course covered at John Lyon, suitable for Year 9, 10 and 11.

BBC History For Kids is a helpful resource with some good animations and segments to make information more accessible.

CrashCourse is a YouTube channel with highly informative ten-minute clips on various people and events.

Active History gives free access to a wide range of history resources.

Online documentary channel, HistoryHit, is now offering a free 30-day trial.

Pre-Chewed Politics is an online resource for Politics students that contains explanatory videos, worksheets and case studies plus exam advice. Covers the whole A-Level course.

tutor2u contains detailed notes about many areas of the A-Level Politics course.

With no access to School sports equipment and access to outside space restricted, it is more important than ever to consider how children will get the exercise they need.

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, is running a daily weekday PE class for all pupils on his YouTube channel, which has received very positive reviews from people of all ages.

By spending a lot of time during the day on a device there may be additional stresses and strains upon muscle groups that are normally underutilised. Spending time outside and away from the screen is a great way to help get a break from the work but if children are experiencing aches and pains from a certain position or to help avoid them, yoga workouts can be a useful way to reduce problems.

An example of this is Yoga with Adriene, a YouTube channel which includes workouts focused upon these trouble areas.

Philharmonia offers the chance to explore all of the instruments of the orchestra, and learn about them from top professional players.

Jazz in America is a website dedicated to jazz, with many good resources, run by the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz.

Edexcel GCSE Music Set Works is a YouTube channel dedicated to the GCSE Music set works, vital for any musicians in Years 10 or 11, and useful for any boys who might consider the course in future.

BBC Bitesize for KS3 students has resources for both French and Spanish (as well as German and Mandarin, if you fancy an additional new language!)

BBC Bitesize also has French resources for GCSE (KS4) pupils.

Memrise lets students watch and learn real conversational language from native speakers.

Quizlet has language flashcards, diagrams and study guides.

Learning Language with Netflix is a Google Chrome extension which gives users a number of options to add language extensions to the films and series they watch on Netflix, including dual-language subtitles and a pop-up dictionary

Languages Online has a lot of extra language learning resources.

Mix with the Masters is a website for Music Technology students, containing masterclasses from the industry’s elite producers and engineers. This is a subscription service but contains multiple free videos that can be viewed with just an email signup.

Geographical provides a round-up of global events with a geographical slant. This website/magazine is published by the Royal Geographical Society and usefully categorises stories into topics relevant to both GCSE and A-Level.

Volcano Discovery is a simple geo-located tracker for any earthquakes or volcanic eruptions that have happened around the world.

Despite its name, Physics and Maths Tutor has good revision and past paper resources for Geography.

Vir Drinks Beer is a website which has explanations and examples of all the grammar required for GCSE as well as small tests.

Mr Laurence is an online OCR GCSE Latin Vocabulary Tester.

CORE offers accessible, relevant, real-world economics teaching, available and free to everyone.

CORE also has a YouTube channel.

tutor2u offers excellent material including videos and web pages covering all aspects of A-Level Economics.

The New Economic Thinking YouTube channel offers excellent discussions, lectures and tutorials on Economics.

Marginal Revolution University (MrUniversity) contains a good selection of explanatory videos on economics.

Despite its name, Physics and Maths Tutor has good revision and past paper resources for Economics.

Through Kerboodle, using their John Lyon logins, pupils can access e-books and teaching resources, and exam question website provided by AQA.

Despite its name, Physics and Maths Tutor has good revision and past paper resources for Psychology.

TrueTube is a brilliant website on ethical issues, considered from religious and non-religious perspectives. Free to join.

RE:ONLINE has resources on all the major religions and great subject knowledge pages.

Candle Conferences has an extensive list of websites useful for Philosophy and Ethics.

Routledge Textbooks has a website hosting resources from Dr Michael Lacewing, a leading British philosopher, supporting the teaching of A -Level Philosophy.

CrashCourse is a YouTube channel with highly informative ten-minute clips. The Philosophy set of videos are particularly useful, covering much of A-Level Philosophy specification content, but also stimulating interest in the subject more generally.

A History of Ideas is a YouTube channel from BBC Radio 4. Brief and easy to understand, videos examine some of the most significant ideas in Philosophy from Ancient Greece to the modern day.
AHISTORYOFIDEAS > has activities to practice or learn coding, app and game design. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

The Art Channel sees Grace Adam and Joshua White visit, look and learn from modern and contemporary art. Featuring the best galleries, museums and exhibitions.

The Student Art Guide is created by experienced teachers and helps students excel in a wide range of high school Art qualifications, including GCSE and A-Level.

Tate Learning Programmes offer a whole range of learning experiences for children of all ages.

BBC Bitesize has a lit of resources for GCSE Art and Design students.

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Throughout the School closure the various John Lyon social media accounts will continue to operate.

The John Lyon Digital Bulletin has previously been a document sent to John Lyon parents. This expanded page contains Bulletin information, as well as a wide range of links and resources that will prove useful to pupils and parents alike whilst studying and working from home.

We have also produced a document – Remote Learning Exemplars – showing some of the learning and teaching which has been taking place.