30 September 2021

This book is one that is alluring and a real page turner — Itch book review

Year 9 pupil Madisan reviews Simon Mayo’s 2012 debut novel, Itch.

Itch is a 14-year-old boy, who loves science. He is an ordinary, but intelligent boy, who has no powerful sidekicks. He just has his little sister Chloe and his tomboy cousin Jack. He then one day discovers an unusual rock with phenomenal and unprecedented properties. Something that even no other scientists have ever seen. Has Itch discovered something that could change and enhance the world? Or, has he brought terrible dangers?

My favourite character in this book is obviously Itch due to his colossal courage, passion and love for science. He is a moral and determined character willing to fight for the future of the world. This book is one that is alluring and a real page turner. You can never let go of this book, as has many twists that keep the reader captivated and attentive the whole way through the story. This story kept me guessing for what next was abruptly going to occur.

The book features many emotions, such as betrayal, love happiness, fear, distress and pain. Jack and Chloe are incorruptible and are an effective to support to Itch. They have brought a sensational and spectacular result to Itch’s life, from a boy with no friends and was unknown to the rest of the world at the start of the book to the most protected boy in the world with security always protecting him everywhere. Even though Itch does not have many friends, Jack and Chloe have always been there for him.

Overall, this book was extremely congenial and electrifying to have read. I believe that anybody can become trapped when reading this stupendous book. I was hooked to this book every second. If you are looking for a book with lots of action and a diverse amount of emotions, well look no further. I would also recommend any Alex Rider fans to read this book as they both have similar stakes and adventures. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone and would rate it one hundred out of ten.

Itch by Simon Mayo
Publisher: Penguin Random House Children’s UK

ISBN: 9780552565509