26 May 2020

Home is where the art is — John Lyon Lockdown Gallery

Daniel Ayeni, Year 7 | Daniel has drawn a beautifully observed biro study of a flower.

Rishabh Velani, Tear 7 | A great botanical study from Rishabh, who has excellent observational skills. aAvery sensitive and well composed piece.

Ali Rajpal, Year 9 | Ali has created this a superhero character, The Whis, in a John Lyon suit using digital drawing. A great response piece to the Year 9 graphic novel project.

Rishabh Velani, Year 7 | Rishabh has sketched a beautifully detailed botanical art study.

Rayyan Hasan, Year 7 | Rayyan began his drawing of a water lily before his end of year exams, finished it after. The flower he has drawn has an amazing striking pink point right in the middle and is surrounded by green leaves. The water lily has a beautiful combination of pink and orange.

Fernando Martin Pozuelo, Year 8 | Fernando completed a study of Peter Blake’s Alphabet using vibrant coloured pencil for his ‘graphics and lettering’ project this term.

Roko Choudry, Year 9 | Roko completed this excellent piece of work based on a distorted Bugs Bunny using vibrant felt tip pen, taking inspiration from the pop art movement.

Basel Raja, Year 9 | Basel created this excellent pop art inspired comic strip based on his character Blue Lazer.

Tom Ribeiro-Saliba, Lower Sixth | A pen and pencil study, exploring the theme of death.

Tom Ribeiro-Saliba, Lower Sixth | A mixed media portrait of the late US rapper Mac Miller.

Tom Ribeiro-Saliba, Lower Sixth | A sketchbook page from Tom’s personal investigation on the theme of OCD.

Tom Ribeiro-Saliba, Lower Sixth | A skull study, completed in pen, exploring themes of fear.

Tom Ribeiro-Saliba, Lower Sixth | An inverted colour study of the Joker, studying phobias. A clown’s makeup can be unsettling for people, it hides the person’s identity as well as emotions making clowns unpredictable which can put people on edge. The colours are inverted to symbolise this.

Lockdown Gallery

Taranvir Bansal, Year 10 | In this self portrait study Taranvir was influenced by the work of Nina Valkhoff, a collage Artist. He has used a variety of paper types to depict the tones within this portrait to create this interesting mixed media piece.

Lockdown Gallery

Matthew Evens, Year 10 | Matthew has produced this self-portrait using Photoshop, inspired by the work of Andy Warhol. He wants to explore how colour and abstract forms can express emotions at a time when people need visual stimulation.

Lockdown Gallery

Dhanesh Jegatheesan, Upper Sixth | In an artwork inspired by the current pandemic, Dhanesh has produced this self-portrait.

Maan Sheth, Year 7 | Maan produced this detailed botanical drawing using pencil and showcasing his ability to add blended tone using hatching.

Aryan Bharadi, Year 9 | Along with other pupils in his year, Aryan has been designing and developing a graphic novel inspired by the creation of his own super hero.

Taranvir Bansal, Year 10 | These prints created by Taranvir use string and ink to create abstract works which mimic natural forms.

Madisan Nimalathasan, Year 7 | Madisan’s sketch is inspired by the work of William Morris as part of our botanical project.