16 September 2019

Let me explain a couple of things about counselling in school…

Available for all boys every day of the School year, Mrs Laura Herman talks about the reasons for, and benefits of, counselling in school.

You may be reading this blog about counselling in school in passing, having clicked on a link on the School website or one of its social media channels. But if you are a John Lyon pupil you also may be reading it considering contacting me about something you are worried about.

Let me explain a couple of things about counselling in school. Firstly, it is confidential. What is spoken about during your appointment is not discussed with anyone. The reason for this is that it makes it easier to be more honest and more open.

So, should you make an appointment?

Often, from my experience, people think that what is on their mind isn’t serious enough to see the Counsellor. I understand it is not easy making an appointment with somebody you don’t know to talk about something personal but reading this it is possible you are seeking some help about something.

We all have ups and downs, good days and not so good. We can argue with friends and family then make up, succeed at school and sometimes not do so well. That’s normal and most of the time we cope with that. However, sometimes life feels more difficult than usual to manage. Our moods can dip and not recover as quickly as they used to and we may feel like we are depressed.

We may feel more anxious than usual or struggle to sleep to the point where it impacts on our ability to function and concentrate. There is a lot spoken about mental health on social media and it can become very confusing. Something may have changed in our life, like losing somebody important or our moods change massively for no apparent reason. Put simply, if you are not feeling quite yourself and you don’t feel able to speak to somebody close to you that you trust you are welcome to contact me for a chat. You don’t have to commit to regular sessions. One conversation could be enough.

How do you make contact?

You can email me at [email protected]. You can drop in to my office, next to the Music Office, any Tuesday lunchtime without an appointment. You can ask a parent or form tutor to contact me or you can drop a note under my door. Basically, any way you feel comfortable to make contact.

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