31 March 2019

“Learning was made accessible, interactive and fun”

Year 9 pupil Aaron Esser and Teacher of French Mr Alex Ferguson write about John Lyon French students’ visit to BFI Southbank

It was a cold, chilly March morning as we made our way into Central London. Once we arrived at BFI Southbank we were seated and told to prepare. The day started with an introduction from our speaker, followed by the viewing of many short clips accompanied by interactive exercises. After lunch was a screening of the film Le Petit Nicolas. This French film centered around a young boy and his humorous misadventures. The day was filled with not just learning on an impressive scale, but learning which was made accessible, interactive and fun.

Mr Ferguson
Thirty Year 9 French students spent the day at the BFI Southbank. The day involved the study of several short films in French followed by the screening of Le Petit Nicholas. The pupils learned key vocabulary for describing films and giving their opinions about them. It was very interactive and by the end of the day pupils were more confident in both writing and speaking in the target language.