22 November 2019

We were amazed that we got to wear Indiana Jones’ hat!

Inspiration was tangible for Sixth Form student Jack Salter, as some of the most famous props in film history, including Indiana Jones’ hat, came to John Lyon Union.

Friday Union recently saw John Lyon welcome Paul Robbens a professional puppeteer, to talk about his 43-year long career in the film industry.

He spoke to us about his work, which has seen him collaborate closely with companies like Warner Bros., Disney and Universal Pictures on a huge number of films, as well as film series including Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter.

But more than being just a talk, we were surprised when Robbens was able to bring out some of the props used in those films. He showed us the wands that he made himself and that were used by Voldemort and Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and the fedora hat given to him by Harrison Ford after filming Raiders of the Lost Ark in the early 1980s.

We were even more amazed that we got to wear Indiana Jones’ hat!

Robbens also apprised on the experiences and challenges he has encountered throughout his working life, the world famous puppets and props he has made and operated, and some of the world-famous actors he has worked alongside throughout his astonishing career.

This was a great John Lyon Union event as we were able to hear a first-hand account of someone who has been hugely successful in in a career they are passionate about. As we Sixth Form students look towards university and then work, this gives us great insight and inspiration.

Indiana Jones Hat

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