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Home is where the art is — John Lyon Lockdown Gallery

A collection of artworks from pupils and students in all years at John Lyon, created during the lockdown of Summer Term 2020.


John Lyon seems to have been ahead of the curve with Science education

John Lyon's new Head of Science, Mr Alex Kyles-Brown delves into the archives to see how Science education has been, and remains, important to School life.


“He looked into the eyes. They looked alive” — Flash Fiction 2020

The winners of the 2020 John Lyon Flash Fiction competition, Joshan Minhas and Husain Abedi, with stories of war and politics.


Once I started speaking in public, the words just came out without any effort

Speaking in public is a skill mastered by few and feared by many. Here, four pupil speakers at John Lyon's recent Talks-on-the-Hill lecture series, reflect on their experience.


Putting Duke of Edinburgh’s Award volunteering on your CV will definitely make you stand out

With Duke of Edinburgh's Award volunteering in the headlines, Year 11 pupil Max Wilkinson talks about achieving many of the '25 activities every teenager should experience' in his weekend work on a miniature railway.


It was such a great day that I would rate the Natural History Museum 100 out of 10

Spring Term started with a trip into London and back in time for our Year 7s, with the Natural History Museum the destination for a fun day of learning, as writes pupil Madisan Nimalathasan.


Both teams played hard and to the best of their ability

Water Polo success continues for John Lyon with both the U15s and U18s winning their latest tournament, reports Lower Sixth student Arav Bhatia.


We were amazed that we got to wear Indiana Jones’ hat!

Inspiration was tangible for Sixth Form student Jack Salter, as some of the most famous props in film history, including Indiana Jones' hat, came to John Lyon Union.


Whatever you enjoy, keep it up and chase the dream!

Year 7 pupil and accomplished dancer Harry Beynon talks about his love of dance, the opportunities it has given him and how he hopes to chase the dream.


Increasing access, reducing stigma and raising awareness of mental health

On World Mental Health Day, School Counsellor Mrs Laura Herman discusses how John Lyon uses both professionals and peers to help guide all boys through difficult times.


Working in this political environment has strengthened my career aspirations

Upper Sixth student Liam Velani reflects on work experience in the Houses of Parliament, and how seeing UK politics in action has boosted his career aspirations.


Let me explain a couple of things about counselling in school…

Available for all boys every day of the School year, Mrs Laura Herman talks about the reasons for, and benefits of, counselling in school.


Will artificial intelligence make thinking obsolete?

Upper Sixth student Ken Houghton reflects on a visit to LSE to hear world-renowned political philosopher, Professor Michael Sandel, talk about artificial intelligence in a broadcast for BBC Radio 4


“A new world of choice, lifestyle and opportunity”

On the eve of A-Level results, School Counsellor Mrs Laura Herman reflects on the new freedom and opportunity awaiting our most recent former students


“Harrow Fifth Form Conference was a great experience and had so much value.”

Year 11 pupil Bailey Allmey looks back at the 2019 Harrow Fifth Form Conference, five days of inspirational learning and experiences, living alongside students from the worldwide family of Harrow Schools


“We were taken on an exclusive tour where we learned about life behind the famous black door”

Upper Sixth Politics student, Javier D’Souza, writes about his attempts to slash the UK government budget as well as a tour behind the scenes at No.10


“These have been amazing opportunities to get directly involved in the work of the council”

Lower Sixth student Liam Velani discusses his role in Harrow Youth Parliament, where he has been representing young people for five years.


“This trip was an incredible experience to further understand the important nature of our political system”

Lower Sixth Politics student, Liam Velani, writes about a trip into Westminster to visit the Supreme Court and Palace of Westminster


I will miss all those intense rehearsals

Year 10 pupil Harsh Hingorani and Director of Music Mr Huw Jones reflect on 2019's Duet Philharmonic, an enormous symphony orchestra and chorus made up of the best-of-the best from British schools, which comes together every two years for an intensive musical course followed by a concert of large complex works.


Welcoming guests and inspiring young minds

John Lyon Head, Miss Katherine Haynes, reflects on the numerous guests who come to School to inspire pupils, every week of every term

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