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Quotes taken from the most recent review of John Lyon in the Good Schools Guide.

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Has expanded the academic and extracurricular offering, polishing the pastoral care. Parents undoubtedly appreciate her approach.

The Head

Results overall very solid (two-thirds A*/A at GCSE; 34 per A*/A at A level in 2017), a reflection of the effort to instill self-discipline, hard work and high expectations. Parents believe the school gets the balance just right.

Academic Matters

A ‘rounded’ education given a firm emphasis, with a timetabled programme of ‘skills-based’ activities including everything from cooking to changing a tyre. Plenty of trips and societies, from computing to chess. ‘It’s a very broad ranging education,’ commented one contented father.

Games, options, the arts

Widely acknowledged USPs include ‘the family atmosphere,’ the ‘friendliness’ and the attractively small scale. ‘It’s not too big,’ said one father. ‘Everyone knows my son’s name, from the registrar to the guy who sits on the front desk.’

Background and atmosphere

Great praise for the care and attention boys receive, with parents united in the view that the school does its utmost to develop every inch of potential. Confidence building in the public arena very much part of the package.

Pastoral care, well-being and discipline

Primarily local, very cosmopolitan. Boys are positive, focussed and keen.

Pupils and parents

The school is academically selective, but here the term ‘potential’ is not just rhetoric. All applicants are interviewed by senior staff (at 13, all by the head), with the intention of snuffling out ‘those happy to be busy, active and willing to push themselves’.


Significant numbers go to leading London colleges (LSE and King's), then Russell Group countrywide. University advice up-to-date and thoughtfully tailored to individual needs. High proportion to professional degrees in science (medicine, dentistry, etc), law, economics, architecture and finance.


Good value. The John Lyon’s Charity continues to help with means-tested bursaries.

Money matters

A small, thriving school, with historic links to Harrow School, which provides a well-rounded, well-grounded education in a welcoming atmosphere.

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