08 September 2023

A fantastic start to a new academic year

What an incredible start to the school year!

The pupils have embraced the first week with great enthusiasm and energy, diving right back into the rhythm of school.

They’ve been busy familiarising themselves with all things school related, including reconnecting with their friends. Our Year 5 pupils revisited the SMART rules in computing with an emphasis on online safety, whilst Year 4 embarked on a unique project called ‘All about Me Maths’ in their first Maths lesson of the week. This engaging blend of math and art set a lively tone for the new academic year.

Additionally, we welcomed a new group of Little Lyons into our Reception classes. They have had a very positive and happy start to the school year having spent the week exploring the classroom environment as well as building strong relationships with the staff and their peers. We are very proud of how quickly they have settled in!