Learning Support

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At The John Lyon School, each pupil is valued, respected and supported. The aim of the Learning Support Department is to ensure that pupils with learning difficulties are identified early, make the best progress possible and continue to develop a positive sense of self.

Identifying and Supporting

If a pupil has been diagnosed with a learning difficulty, the Learning Support Department will work closely with the teachers, the parents and the pupil so that all are aware of needs and adequate support is given. This is why it is very important for parents to disclose any learning difficulties during the Admission process in order for the school to make the necessary arrangements.

Screening is carried out for boys in Year 7 and Lower Sixth as well as for all new boys joining the school in Year 9 and other years. Teachers also inform the Learning Support Department if they have noted significant and persistent difficulties in class and in tests. Pupils and parents are encouraged to express their views if they have any concerns.

Depending on needs, Learning Support sessions taught by qualified specialist teachers may be offered either as booster sessions or on a long term basis. EAL lessons taught by a qualified EAL teacher are also offered to pupils with English as an Additional Language. All lessons are scheduled during school time. Parents are informed and also encouraged to be active participants in their son’s learning.

Experiencing learning difficulties can lead to low confidence and/or anxiety. This is why the Learning Support Department also works closely with the Pastoral team, the School Counsellor, the School Nurse, the Careers Advisor, the parents and outside agencies when necessary. With the right strategies and intervention, an open dialogue and commitment, pupils gain confidence, motivation and aspiration.

Access Arrangements (exam arrangements)

It is important to disclose the required information regarding any history of exam arrangements to Admissions prior to the Entrance Exams to ensure that pupils have the appropriate exam arrangements. Access Arrangements for Public Exams (for example extra time for GCSE and A level courses) will need to be assessed, monitored and applied for by the qualified assessor in the Learning Support Department.

Learning Support and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) are embedded in the School’s ethos to ensure that the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and wellbeing matter for every pupil.


Ms S Blanchard, Head of Learning Support

Email: SCB@johnlyon.org

Telephone: 020 8515 9467