Peer Mentoring

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We run a very successful peer mentoring programme in the Sixth Form offering older boys the valuable opportunity of supporting the younger members of the school community.

Applications are invited in the Lower Sixth and those accepted onto the programme receive a training run by the School Counsellor, Mrs Laura Herman. This training includes Listening skills, Communication skills, Difference, Values, Boundaries, Confidentiality and keeping safe. The academic mentoring offers an additional training component.

Peer mentors make a generous contribution of their time available for others but in return the role offers the young men opportunities to learn about themselves and develop personal insight into their own behaviour, assumptions and thinking.

The rich experience the older boys have gained progressing through the School is a valuable resource that, shared in a positive and helpful way with younger pupils is invaluable. The complexity of friendships, academic work or any kind of difficulty can often be eased by sharing it with a friendly and supportive ear and one that may have been through something similar relatively recently.

Peer mentoring at school offers the opportunity for the young people to reproduce something of the pastoral care they have benefited from and enables the thread of concern and respect for others to continue to weave within the culture of the John Lyon community into the future.  

Further Information

Contact Mrs Herman

020 8515 9421