Entrance Examinations

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The entrance examination is in two parts and is taken in the January when the candidate is in Year 6. The first part of the examination is an online test, which examines potential cognitive ability including elements of mathematics and vocabulary. The online test is designed to identify potential rather than ‘taught’ skills. It will be conducted in one of the School’s computer suites but boys do not need to have any ICT skills in order to complete it. 

There is also a short test of creative writing which will be completed by hand. The whole process lasts approximately one and a half hours.

All 11+ candidates are invited for interview. The offer letters are sent out in accordance with the date set by the North London Consortium of Schools.

Please click here to view specimen 11+ entrance examination papers and syllabuses.


Selection is based upon: performance in our entrance examinations, school reports, and most importantly a personal interview with the Head. We take special note of potential and achievement in music and the creative and performing arts and of the capacity of any candidate to contribute fully to the extra-curricular life of the School.  We are an academically selective school and potential and achievement in at least one major academic subject is required of all successful applicants.

There are compulsory papers in Mathematics, English, French and Science.

Please click here to view specimen 13+ entrance examination papers and syllabuses.


Sixth Form

The closing date for 16+ Application Forms is 31st October in the year prior to entry. Entrance Examinations for 16+ entry will be held in January of the year of entry. A completed application form and confirmation of predicted GCSE grades are required. We will also write to the candidate’s current school requesting a reference.

16+ candidates are invited into school to take an entrance exam based around the four subjects they would like to take for A-Level. Conditional and Unconditional Offers will be made pending entrance examination results, School report, predicted grades and GCSE results.


Extra Time and the use of Laptops in Entrance Examinations

Parents are required to declare in a letter attached to their registration application, any medical condition or learning difficulty which may affect performance in the examinations. In some circumstances we may be able to arrange additional time for completion of at least some papers in the entrance examination. We may also be able to arrange for the use of a word processor for the 13+ English paper should this be judged appropriate. In such cases notification, supported by a report from the candidate’s educational psychologist, is required well in advance of the exam day.