January 2017

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Alexi Americano (Year 7)


After learning about the colourwheel and colour mixing, Alexi produced this wonderful study of a still life by Paul Cezanne using only the three primary colours (plus black and white). Alexi has re-imagined the scene in his own way, combining elements from several of Cezanne’s paintings. He has focused on mixing a wide range of colours and emulating Cezanne’s expressive brushwork. A superb piece of work!


Christopher Lau and Rahul Patel  (Year 10)


The boys in Year 10 GCSE Art have been introduced to sculpture this year, through the work of Giacometti. These sculptures represent their final outcomes following development of three dimensional observational skills through drawing, model making and written research. The work was challenging and made the boys work in a different way as they had to consider multiple viewpoints and represent a portrait in three dimensional form. These two pieces reflect the skill and talent demonstrated by the boys.


Ridma Suriyagoda (Lower Sixth)

Ridma has produced this Lino cut inspired by the work of Swoon, a woodcut and paper stencil street artist. He has worked with the Lino to create this image which breaks the face down simply into black and white, using a wonderful variety of marks. This piece supports his AS Art research and development for his final piece, which we eagerly await.