November 2016

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Youki Marr (Year 7)


Youki has produced this masterful study of an etching by Italian painter and printmaker, Giorgio Morandi. Focusing on fine hatching and cross-hatching, Youki has created a lively drawing exploring a wide range of tones.


Javier D'Souza (Year 11)

During his recent mock exam Javier produced several paintings of birds, this one being the largest. He started by flicking white paint at the canvas before painting the two birds in an expressive style, creating an overall impression of movement and energy.


Ram Parekh (Lower Sixth)

Following our trip to Margate, Ram produced this wonderfully detailed oil painting from one of his photos of dilapidated seaside architecture. Inspired by Georgia Peskett’s urban landscapes, Ram has focused on the worn out textures and colours.