October 2016

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David (Year 8)


David produced this double headed axe as a response to the free choice summer homework for art. He not only designed the axe, but also carved it out from a solid piece of wood, using an engraving burner to create the decorative design. This piece reflects David's interest in historical weapons and wood carving. A wonderfully crafted and well executed piece.


Zak Samak (Year 11)

Ms Hope commissioned Zak to produce a portrait of Miss Haynes prior to the summer break, having acknowledged his amazing skills; this large A2 portrait was painted using oils on Tintoretto board and took Zak many hundreds of hours. It is a truly amazing portrait and demonstrates exceptional observational and technical skills, we are all very proud of Zak for this fabulous piece of work.


Niraj Mistry (Lower Sixth)

Niraj produced this large oil painting as a response to the theme People and Places. It captures his uncle in a gestural style in a dramatic pose, as if we have captured him mid gesture. The painting has a great sense of likeness combined with the use of expressive brushwork, reflecting Niraj’ s enthusiasm to take risks in media and experiment with techniques.