August 2016

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Arran Sandu Hutchinson (Year 7)


In this Polyblock print Arran has been inspired by nature and his work exploring patterns in nature. His design is bold and bright and demonstrates excellent technical skills.


Anil Kerai (Year 11)

In this piece Anil has created a digital printed image which reflects a drawing onto a hospital building, he initially produced a beautiful A2 charcoal drawing of his brother, using photoshop he layered this image onto a photograph of the hospital, which is how he identifies his brother.


Daniyal Burney (Upper Sixth)

In this pastel drawing, Daniyal combined his face with the branches of a tree in blossom. The softness of the pastel and the beautiful colours create a magical atmosphere. Daniyal has cleverly included just enough detail in the face for us to recognise him.