April 2016

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Yuvraj Dhunna (Year 8)


Yuvraj has produced this wonderful papier mache skull as part of the Year 8 animal heads project. He has really mastered the art of sculpting with a wonderful understanding of form and how to mould with papier mache to replicate the stag’s structure. The simple white paint allows the sculptural form to represent the animal and the grace it has. A powerful and effective first sculpture from Yuvraj.


Henry Zhang (Year 11)

Henry has been a wonderfully prolific artist in recent years and has produced these expressive self-portraits as part of his GCSE controlled test. Henry has been exploring the theme of diaries through the work of Edvard Munch and Kathe Kollwitz, who represent themselves and others using gestural and expressive mark making.

In this triptych he has managed to capture the frenetic energy he feels when creating his work, he manages to capture the sense of urgency within the marks and reflect the feelings he has when creating the work. As a triptych they work well together, each being a vast A2 drawing.


David Hubbard (Upper Sixth)

David has produced many amazing pieces of art over his years at John Lyon but his final exam piece has really blown our minds in terms of the concept and the execution of such a refined and meticulous piece. It represents his controlled test piece for his A2 exam and is based on the theme of Windows.

The piece is presented as a triptych and represents the preliminary studies required to create the final piece. The initial study is a drawn inverted self-portrait, which is a difficult drawing to produce as it is the reverse of how we see things, David has then scanned the drawing and inverted it on the computer to make it appear normal, refining the colours digitally. He has then added layers digitally to create the rain on the window effect and the sense of depth and space. A highly refined and technical piece which culminates David’s art education at JLS, we wish him well and hope he continues to create.