March 2016

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Sunny Chang Ha Lee (Year 7)


Sunny Lee of 7M has been awarded the lower school prize for Artwork of the Month for March. Since Spring term, Year 7 have been looking at the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian artist and architect who was a renowned and respected opponent of the straight line, choosing instead to design and create only flowing, vibrant art work and organic looking buildings. Sunny has created an imaginative design that shows a strong understanding of Hundertwasser’s work, especially his choice of shapes, colours and use of line.


Niraj Mistry (Year 11)

The GCSE award has gone to Niraj Mistry (11L, Moore) this month for his urban landscape painting. Niraj produced this final artist study using different types of paint and a variety of mark-making techniques. The composition was developed from a piece that appeared originally in his sketchbook and makes good use of foreground, middle and background layers to create depth. Niraj has an outstanding attitude to his art GCSE and always works hard to achieve his potential.


Oliver Daniels (Lower Sixth)

In the A-Level category we have decided this month to recognise the skill shown by Oliver Daniels (12LH, Vaughan house) in his recent chalk and charcoal portrait studies. In this series Oliver has done well to accurately represent tricky facial proportions and make effective use of blending tools where appropriate. Many of the pieces Oliver has completed in this style have been produced from original photographs which are also of excellent quality and tastefully edited.