February 2016

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Christopher Lau (Year 9)


Christopher Lau’s Van Gogh study has earnt him victory in the lower school category. Christopher has shown with this piece of work that he understands the basic principles of drawing in perspective. He has done this with use of a ‘horizon line’, ‘orthogonal lines’, and the all-important ‘vanishing point’. He has varied his technique with the pencil, producing a range of tones, marks and textures which add to the illusion of depth and distance.


David Gagea (Year 11)

In the GCSE category, David Gagea is our winner for February. With this small and delicate watercolour painting, David has demonstrated his skill with a fine brush. His understanding of where to place highlights and shadows within his composition has created a sense of depth. Watercolours can be a tricky medium and David has done well to control them, mixing and applying colours with care and precision.


Nirayan Patel (Lower Sixth)


In the A-Level category this month, the prize goes to Nirayan Patel for this large scale landscape piece. Nirayan created this epic scene with a combination of monoprint and oil painting techniques. His use of foreground and background elements draws in the viewer and helps to deliver a sense of scale. When working in bigger sizes inexperienced artists are often tempted to block in large areas of flat colour. Nirayan has avoided doing this, instead employing a subtle range of hues and tones throughout.