January 2016

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Yuvraj Dhunna (Year 8)


Yuvraj’s intricate perspective studies amazed us all with their level of detail and the abundance of ideas which he has executed with success. Each drawing is not only technically precise in terms of his use of orthogonal lines, but also very expressive. It is very encouraging to see Lower School boys seize the opportunity that visual art provides to celebrate and explore their own identities. Yuvraj has done this by cleverly including many items that are personal to him, reflecting different elements of his life. Detail in art work shows us the artist has taken great care and encourages us as viewers to invest more time and attention when viewing.


Finn Lankester (Year 10)

Finn has shown a great deal of independence and initiative over the last few months, regularly taking out our Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablets and exploring their fantastic potential for creativity. It seems that Finn is driven not only by a desire to do well in lessons and achieve high marks, but also to push himself to learn new skills and master emerging technologies. In this artist study he has seamlessly combined digital photography with drawing. The lighting and composition are both even and balanced, no mean feat if you consider the angle used and the large white surface.


David Hubbard (Upper Sixth)


David’s interest in linking art and literature has progressed and he’s now moved onto to physically experimenting with books, drawing over the text, cutting shapes into the pages and creating ‘pop-up’ animations with the stop motion equipment in AD3. In this drawing David has considered very carefully the content of the text and produced a drawing that compliments it, not only in terms of subject matter but also in his choice of media and use of mark-making. It is as much his strong work ethic as it is his technical skill that has earnt David this month’s AOTM award.