December 2015

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David (Year 7)


David carved and decorated this samurai inspired wooden sword with the help of a family member. It is always lovely to see boys being creative outside of their art lessons and exploring ideas that interest them personally, especially when the results are this impressive! David is a regular at art club and is never anything less than a friendly, positive presence in the department.


Ram Parek (Year 11)

This calm riverside landscape represents Ram’s second serious foray into the medium of oil paint this year. The range of mark making techniques used and his patience and focus when mixing colours have earned him this month’s prize.


Thomas Holloway (Lower Sixth)


It is the range of tones and high level of detail in this charcoal portrait that make it the winning piece in the Sixth Form category this month. Tommy is a committed and hardworking student who is also well-mannered and respectful. His great attitude shines through his work, which is consistently excellent.