November 2015

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Yasseen Hassan (Year 7)


Last month the Art Department staff were astonished by the hard work and effort put in by class 7M. Miss Hope was able to award high marks to every student in the class for their homework. Among the most impressive pieces of work was this still life pencil drawing by Yasseen Hassan. Mr Collard-Walker gave Yasseen a ‘1’ for his sensitive, controlled use of the pencil and his accurate observational skills.



Zak Samak (Year 10)

Zak Samak (10Q, Vaughan House) is emerging this year as one of the most gifted young artists at The John Lyon School. In the run up to this year’s GCSE & A-Level exhibition, years 10 and 11 were introduced formally to the medium of oil paint following a visit to the BP portrait award at the National Portrait Gallery. Zak took very easily to painting with oils and produced this stunning artist study based upon the work of Alan McGowan.  Zak’s attitude to learning is excellent and he has spent many a lunchtime sharing his enthusiasm for art with younger boys as part of our mentor scheme.


David Hubbard (Upper Sixth)



David Hubbard (13KML, Vaughan House) produced this large scale charcoal drawing as part of his project exploring links between art and literature. David has clearly thought carefully about the composition of this piece. He began by cleverly adapting an image of an injured athlete to depict a wounded soldier and then went on to create a dramatic yet believable background landscape that neatly compliments the words of William Blake.