September 2015

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Yuvraj Dhunna (Year 8)


This month in the Lower School category Dawoud Bachelani retains his title by developing upon last month’s Fauvist-inspired oil pastel study. In this piece of work we



Ala Salem (Year 10)

Ala Salem of 10T, Butler house, has pleasantly surprised us all (and perhaps even himself) with his first foray into the medium of oil paint this term, shown here looking very promising despite being in an unfinished state. Ala’s attitude to his art work has been excellent so far this year and his behaviour much improved as well. We are all very excited to see what he will achieve at GCSE.



Oliver Daniels (Lower Sixth)


Oliver Daniels has made an encouraging start to his art A-Level with this dynamic study in oils. Oliver has layered a selection of mark marking techniques on top of a monoprint to describe the different textures within a composition closely based upon one of an series of excellent black and white photographs taken over the Summer break. Oliver clearly has a keen sense of the commercial potential of art and it often shows in his mature and tasteful work.