April 2015

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Dawoud Bachelani (Year 7)


This month in the Lower School category Dawoud Bachelani retains his title by developing upon last month’s Fauvist-inspired oil pastel study. In this piece of work we are able to see that Dawoud has understood the style of marks and shapes commonly associated with Les Fauves and has deftly applied them to a modern landscape.



Thomas Holloway (Year 11)

In the GCSE field we have chosen to recognise the hard work and commitment of Tommy Holloway. Tommy’s exam piece clearly stood out thanks to his vibrant choice of colours and clever use of Galeria gels, varnish and ‘crackle glazes’ to create a subtle range of textures. Tommy’s sketchbook is equally as impressive and clearly demonstrates how his ideas have developed and led into one another.



David Hubbard (Lower Sixth)


David Hubbard surprised us all this month with a fully realised, large-scale pencil drawing, completed entirely at home. David has used his technical skill to communicate an idea and created a piece of art that demonstrates he is successfully weaving meaning into his work.