March 2015

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Dawoud Bachelani (Year 7)



This month’s winner in the Lower School category is Dawoud Bachelani who yet again has impressed us all with his skill and ability to grasp the essence of the task presented to him. Dawoud has done well to capture the vivid colours and rounded ‘woolly’ shapes of Les Fauves using oil pastels.



Kemal Kete (Year 10)


In the GCSE category Kemal Kete is our winner for March. Last week a selection of Ms Hope’s Year 10 students used digital cameras and studio lighting to create dynamic still life photographs inspired by Ansel Adams. Having processed and printed their images the boys were given a choice of media and tasked with producing a detailed tonal study. Thinking purely in terms of ‘tone’ (or light and shadow) whilst drawing can be daunting challenge, especially when you are unable to erase your work as you go. Despite this Kemal responded very well in black ballpoint pen, working confidently and with pace.



Adam Wright (Upper Sixth)



Adam Wright’s large scale exam piece put him at the head of the pack in the Sixth Form category this month, but he should also be commended for his ability to show how his ideas develop and lead into one another. The photograph this impressive and tonal study was produced from was also shot and directed by Adam, who experimented freely with a variety of different compositions mid-shoot. Great work Adam.