February 2015

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Dawoud Bachelani (Year 7)



For February we have chosen to feature Dawud Bachelani (7P) for his carefully executed colour pencil study. Year 7 have been looking at the work of Belgian artist Hundertwasser and learning from his use of vibrant colours and organic shapes.




Owen Marshall (Year 10)


For the GCSE category we have chosen to highlight some of the excellent printwork that is currently being produced by year 10. Owen Marshall of 10J in particular has done a great job with his Lucien Freud study, using scratchy, hatched mark-making to achieve an emotionally intense self-portrait. To produce a print of this quality from an etched plate is quite complicated and the boys have done well to get to grips with the necessary skills so quickly.



David Hubbard (Lower Sixth)



In the A-Level category we have chosen a recent example of David Hubbard from 12MAB’s work. David used projection to enlarge and adapt an Italian style religious fresco into a charcoal pencil drawing. Using digital editing techniques, David then went on to super-impose his large scale drawing onto a photograph of a brick wall in an urban setting, creating an interesting contrast of ideas.