January 2015

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Dominic Goodger (Year 9)



Dominic has produced a lovely final piece for the ever-popular ‘animal-head’ portrait project, choosing to include a swirling Van Gogh style background to accompany his bewitching fox character.





Ram Parekh (Year 10)

Ram stood out from a strong field of Year 10 oil portraits with this impressive piece of work. His colour mixing and attention to light and dark is especially good.



Adam Woolley (Upper Sixth)



Adam has a brilliant attitude and a refreshingly experimental approach when it comes to his A-Level art coursework. For this piece Adam created a mould of his own face in Alginate before filling it with molten wax coloured with ink. The process did not end here for Adam however and he continued to develop his idea, filming himself using a ‘heat gun’ to deliberately melt the wax sculpture and editing together the footage to create a ‘time-lapse’ film.