December 2014

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Kreshen Seennapen  (Year 9) & Dawoud Bachelani (Year 7)


Kreshen and Dawoud both completed promising oil pastel studies on black sugar paper, each having developed their ability to blend and merge hues through use of layering. They also both demonstrate strong observational skills for their age by making skilful attempts to describe complicated shapes and lines in detail.






David Gagea (Year 10)

David Gagea’s self portrait was inspired by a recent school trip to the National Gallery. David is relatively new to acrylic paint and yet his ability to mix and apply flesh tones is impressive. David worked hard to finish his portrait and it shows.




Aria Sen (Lower Sixth)



Aria Sen has shown increasingly that he is willing to venture outside of his photographic comfort zone to experiment with ink and graphite. His attitude is praiseworthy and the work is also of good quality. Each drawing exhibits a high level of detail achieved through delicate mark making techniques.