November 2014

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Imad Rajput (Year 9)


Imad has used his understanding of 2-point perspective to produce a small-scale pencil drawing of an inner-city intersection. He has chosen to produce a circular drawing in reference to the sort of image photographers are able to produce with a fish-eye lens. He has begun to bend and warp some buildings to reflect this choice.



Thomas Holloway (Year 11)

Tommy Holloway has produced a classic Italian landscape in oils following a workshop with visiting artist Georgia Peskett.




Hasan El-Masry (Upper Sixth)



Hasan has begun to further expand upon his confidence with fine pen and ink portraits by subjecting his finished drawings to experimental processes. In this instance the drawing was gradually immersed in running water, causing certain areas of the image to wash away. Hasan intended this piece to explore themes of loss, memory and close human relationships.