June 2013

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Nathan Cuttica (Year 7)

This is the work of Nathan Cuttica, it is a poly block print based on our visit to Kew Gardens.




Kamal Kete (Year 8)

In this study Kamal has used oil pastels to create a copy of David Hockney's work, based on the Californian landscape.



Rishvinder Chowdhry (Year 10 )

Rishvinder Chowdhry 's Year 10 Still life exam piece, he has used oil pastels on black paper.



Andrew Rolfe (Upper Sixth)

In this installation Andrew has explored the notion of personal collections within the home, exploring how we present and display objects and what types of objects people present in their home. He has produced a series of photorealist paintings on the unit doors, which open to reveal the actual shells within a dusty space. This work can be seen in our end of year show on Wednesday 26th June. Please come along 4-6.30pm.