November 2012

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Amar Cheema (13SJA)

Amar is currently exploring architecture within European cities, focusing on the impact of architectural styles and the impact they have on the overall feel of the city. In this study has used Biro to capture the many layers of architecture which build up a city over time.


Ruben Vos (Year 11)

In this study Ruben has produced a painting of Mont St Michel, exploring how to create a variety of layers, tones and depths to reflect the layers within this unique place. He has used oil paints to produce this excellent study as part of his mock exam preparation.


Imad Rajput (7P)

In this study Imad has used oil pastels to produce a copy of Paul Cézanne's still life with fruit. From this, he has developed his knowledge and understanding of composition and colour application, this will help lead into a personal still life composition, combining all skills learnt so far in Art.