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Key Stage 3 French introduces a variety of topics and cultural information for the pupils about French life and its language. All students begin their French journey at the very beginning with numbers, colours and basic information moving on to include grammar.

The study of French at Key Stage 3 develops comprehension and communication skills in preparation for the GCSE course. The ability to speak more than one language is an attractive quality sought by employers. Many universities look for a good GCSE qualification in a Modern Language, the study of French will aid in Law, Medicine and International Relations.

GCSE French allows you to develop the language skills you acquired at KS3 and push your linguistic ceiling. The grammar and vocabulary acquired at KS3 is extended and enhanced, empowering you to describe in greater detail and with more confidence. Communication is key, we focus on grammar, different tenses, connectives and extra detail with a modern and up to date focus to bring the contexts to life.

A GCSE in French demonstrates a wide range of both personal and interpersonal skills which many universities and employers value. Students will develop:

  • an awareness and understanding of countries and communities where French is spoken;

  • the ability to communicate effectively in French;

  • a knowledge of French vocabulary and grammatical structures.

The French GCSE is a solid foundation and a perfect springboard to extend and apply your knowledge of French language and culture at A-Level.

This course allows you to develop the language skills you acquired at GCSE through the study of a more advanced range of topics; youth culture and concerns, lifestyle, health and fitness, the world around us, education and employment for AS Level.

An A-Level in a Modern Language is a highly respected academic qualification. It complements many areas of study but, in particular, Economics or business-related degrees, Law, Medicine and International Relations. The student will acquire a range of transferable skills which will equip them for many different disciplines. The ability to communicate in more than one language is a highly attractive quality sought by employers.