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The Year 7 Music curriculum is designed to develop pupils understanding of the subject. Various topics are studied and through these a boy’s Music Theory and Performance skills are developed. Music involves a wide variety of practical and interactive activities.

Music is an important part of your enrichment. As you understand more about the subject and how it works the more you will appreciate all the music which you are surrounded by, be it the music you listen to or music in film or television. There is plenty of research that demonstrates the value of music to your wellbeing; it can aid concentration, relaxation and it is a lot of fun.

The Year 8 Music curriculum builds on the key skills developed in Year 7. Boys will complete many practical activities on a number of different topics and start to develop their compositional abilities.

The Year 9 Music curriculum focuses on group work and allows the boys to develop in more of a group environment. Boys are frequently asked to use their aural skills to devise performances and compositions thus developing them as musicians.

This is first year of GCSE Music. During the course boys gain an overview of Music History and develop their three core skills: performance, composition and analysis/theory.

GCSE Music is a good preparation for further musical study and a solid foundation for the AS/A-Levels in Music and Music Technology. You may wish to take a GCSE in Music for its own sake, perhaps to form the basis of a future interest. Alternatively, you may wish to go into a job where it is useful to have had experience of music or where you will need to use some of the skills developed during this course. These might include careers in the music industry, publishing, entertainment and teaching or any job which involves communication and expressive skills.

The AS Music course develops a greater understanding of the subject. Boys develop their analytical and aural skills through a much more in-depth study of specific set works. The AS Level requires much more sophistication in both performing and composing.

Following your AS/A2 Music course you will be in a good position to take your musical education to the next level. You can study Music at University if you enjoy Musicology as well as your practical work or Music College if you are mainly a performer. There are numerous careers which you can enter into with your music qualifications.

The A2 Music course further develops a boys’ understanding of the subject. It develops the listening skills of the boys and requires them to have a good knowledge of Music History. The set works covered concentrate on Music in specific contexts. Both performance and composition are now at an advanced level.