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Chemistry is a vital and exciting science, which is central to our lives. It affects our food and drink, clothing, the air we breathe, fuel for transport and keeping warm, and the materials from which the objects around us are made. Chemistry looks at the substances in the world around us and how they react to form new materials.

The Year 7 course provides an introduction to Chemistry, stimulating interest and developing practical skills.

The Year 8 course further develops interest and practical skills and introduces some fundamental topics which will be studied in greater depth later on.

Those who opt to continue with the subject beyond Year 8 work towards the Edexcel IGCSE qualification, which is assessed at the end of Year 11. This provides a sound preparation for those who wish to take the subject further. AS and A2 Chemistry are popular choices and are essential requirements for careers such as Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering. Many A-Level Chemistry students have also pursued successful careers in other professions including Law, Finance, various other types of Engineering, various branches of Industry, the Civil Service, Research and Teaching.

Chemistry is an essential subject for degree courses in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy. It is also a requirement for Medicine and Dentistry, and for other courses in the life sciences. A-Level chemistry is a good supporting subject for other areas in the physical sciences and engineering, and can contribute to the understanding of both A-Level Physics and Biology. With its blend of theoretical, numerical and practical skills, its encouragement of logical thinking, academic rigour and the precise use of terminology, A-Level Chemistry is an excellent training for many fields. Former students have gone on to a variety of successful careers in Industry and Commerce, Law, Accountancy and Academia.