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China represents one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures, over 5000 years old. It is also the most populous nation in the world with over a billion people and Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken first language of the world. China has witnessed an economic boom in recent years and has become an important player in the global market. As a result, the ability to communicate in Mandarin has become increasingly valuable in today’s climate.

For all pupils in Year 8, the School offers an introduction into the language as well as the many different areas of Chinese culture. Being quite distinct from modern languages such as Spanish and French, Mandarin lessons offer the pupils a different learning perspective and a new set of skills which can be transferred to other subjects on the curriculum.

Mandarin is a challenging subject, yet at the same time extremely rewarding. The emphasis in lessons is on oral communication and pupils will quickly get to grips with everyday conversation in the language. The pupils will also get the opportunity to further progress their appreciation of Chinese culture which is introduced as part of the Year 7 Activities Programme.