Biomedical Society Visit Hunterian Museum

Future Medics explore the history of medicine and surgical techniques.

Date: Mon 6 Mar 2017   Author: Arjun Cheema (Year 11)   Category: School Trips   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

On the 1st March 2017, Year 11 students from the Biomedical Society went on a trip to visit the Hunterian Museum in Central London. The aim of the trip was to look at the history of medicine and exploring medical techniques.

We began the visit by looking at the various and thought-provoking displays of archaic artefacts, including the skeleton of a 7’7” man as well as the history of medical practice and the different stages of foetal development.

This tour was followed by a surgical skills workshop where we learnt how to use suturing methods to close wounds on an artificial arm. As some of us in the Biomedical Society would like to study medicine this experience was a great way of learning vital skills that could be necessary for future occupation.

Afterwards, we watched informative videos explaining the process of carrying out a coronary artery bypass and surgery to remove a benign brain tumour. We were all given the opportunity to ask many inquisitive questions. Before leaving we explored a plethora of medical specimens, which taught us about the progression and advancement of medical technology.

This was a thoroughly interesting visit.